Affiliate Marketing Cash – 3 Ways To Rake In Affiliate Profits Without A Website

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is that it is extremely easy to get started with. Anyone can get started in affiliate marketing, even if they don’t have technical knowledge or do not know how to set up a website. Here are 3 incredibly simple ways to make affiliate profits without owning a website!

#1: Pay per click marketing

The Google Cash method was made famous in 2005. The concept was simple, alluring and very profitable: advertise your direct affiliate link on Google Adwords. It’s a method that anyone can get started with in under an hour. This method isn’t as effective as before because of competition on pay per click search engines, but it is still quite profitable when executed in the right manner.

#2: Article marketing

Article marketing involves writing lean, informative articles and submitting them to various article directories on the web. Doing so allows you to tap into the huge website traffic these directories get on a daily basis. Some article directories don’t allow you to link directly to your affiliate product in your resource box, but you can set up a redirect from your own domain name to your affiliate link. This is one of the best zero cost ways to get started making your first affiliate commission!

#2: Craigslist and US Free Ads

Craiglist and US Free Ads are online classified ads sites that are superbly effective in driving highly targeted visitors to your link! Whenever someone is surfing through these sites, they are looking for offers that interest them. This means highly targeted prospects. You are not allowed to advertise your affiliate link directly on Craigslist, but you can link to a website or blog that has your link.