How a Good Self Directed IRA Custodian Can Increase Your Chances of Retiring Wealthy

A self directed IRA custodian can increase your chances of retiring wealthy. Not by guiding your self directed IRA investments, but by giving you the reins. People with more investment options have better chances at success.

The Sad Truth

But, sadly, not every self directed IRA custodian offers all of those options. I have seen brokers advertise that they the self-directed approach. While they may allow you invest in any stock that you want, they certainly don’t offer the less traditional investment types and those can be big money makers.

I’m not saying that stocks are bad choices for your self directed IRA investments, but I am seeing more and more people that are unable to retire, because they relied too heavily on that market. There are other markets. One of them is housing.

What To Shop For

I would suggest that you shop for a self directed IRA custodian that allows real estate investing. You might not think that this is a good time for that type of investing, as prices are continuing to fall. But, most stock values are continuing to fall, as well.

A turn-around in the housing market would actually help the value of your stock holdings, according to analysts. But, where’s the market?

A Good Idea

So, you think that investing in real estate is a bad idea, because houses are not selling quickly. People are having a hard time getting loans. Banks now require stellar credit and large down-payments to qualify for a mortgage. So, why would I suggest that buying real estate is a good option for your self directed IRA investments?

The Hidden Real Estate Market

There are lots of people out there with excellent credit and reliable employers. They make a decent income, but not enough to afford a $250,000 home. They could afford a $100,000 home, but there just aren’t any.

The ones that are available are run down, in bad neighborhoods and no one wants them. You can use your self directed IRA investments to help this people achieve the American dream; home ownership. How does that sound?

You could help to bring around a community renaissance, so to speak, as long as you choose a self directed IRA custodian that allows an LLC within the account and also allows real estate investing. Just be careful to compare the fees that they charge. Multiple hidden fees can really lower your profits. This is the hidden real estate market many investors are using to rake in big profits.

Sticking With Tradition Will Get You Nowhere

You can stick with the more traditional self directed IRA investments and earn a 3-9% return. Or, you can invest in real estate and earn 30% per year or more. The more you have right now, the more you can earn. As time goes by, if you continue to re-invest your profits, your returns will continue to improve.

The Average Return Will Get You Nowhere

The average return on a certificate of deposit today is 3.86%. Money markets are lower at 3.04%. No one is making any money in the stock market right now and government bonds earn less than 3%.

The right self directed IRA custodian can give you the freedom that you need to earn more for retirement in a shorter period of time. Make some changes, today.

Top of Mind Positioning by Using the Best Elements of Branding With Direct Response Marketing

In marketing, that’s what its all about right? Being the first one your customers think about. The local expert. The one to call. The best in the field.

So, how does that happen? Not by accident I’m pretty sure. It happens by getting your message in front of your prospects regularly and relentlessly. And I know you can’t afford to run a typical branding campaign like large cola companies or Nike, but you can use some aspects of BRANDING along with the best aspects of DIRECT RESPONSE to get more customers more consistently. Let’s look…

What are the best parts of a Branding campaign? Clearly, it MUST build “name recognition” with your prospects. It also must make your prospect “connect” with your company at an emotional level. It also must be very consistent – every time you change your message, you lose all your previous branding efforts.

But, you say “I can’t afford to do advertising for the sole purpose of branding!” I agree. So here’s what I suggest. Let’s use Direct Response marketing (which gets instant results) with these best aspects of Branding (which gets long term results.) Here we go…

Name Recognition

In branding, name recognition happens with repeated, consistent exposure to the brand. You can take advantage of this technique by first of all having a descriptive, yet catchy name or tag line for your company – and STOP changing it every season! This is important.

Now, in direct response marketing, you aren’t trying to put your name out there first, you are trying to get your MESSAGE out there first.

Your prospect can see your name later – if you have interested them enough to pay attention to the rest of your message. But be sure your name is on EVERY piece of marketing you make.

Make the appearance of your name and/or tag-line consistent in every piece of marketing. What I mean is that it should appear at the same point in every flyer, letter, postcard, coupon, paper ad, whatever.

If its always the last thing your prospect reads, then make sure its always the last thing your prospect reads. If its always black letters on a yellow background, then be sure it always stays that way. Consistency in appearance.


This is a natural benefit to carry over into direct response marketing. Every piece of marketing must connect with your prospect at an emotional level. When it does, you can make a “call to action” and it will be effective.

Typical branding campaigns don’t have a call to action – large cola companies spend vast amounts of money just so you automatically (and emotionally) say ‘coke’ instead of ‘soft drink.’ But you can’t afford to only connect, you need to use every piece of marketing to get a response.

So, still make every effort to connect on an emotional level, just be sure to follow up with a call to action.


One thing your prospects need is consistency from you. It may seem like endless, mind numbing repetition to you because you see ALL of your marketing. But your prospect only actually consciously sees about a quarter of your marketing – and that’s if you are consistently putting it in front of them. Be inconsistent and you’ll get even less recognition.

Your marketing needs to be consistent in other ways too. Like the format of your message. Do you always put an attention grabbing headline at the top of every flyer, postcard, letter, newspaper ad, etc.

Do you have a consistent method of reaching your prospects? If you run a newspaper ad, do you run it consistently? Constant repetition is key to success.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate the advantages of branding into your direct response marketing.

Direct Response Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Direct response marketing is a type of advertising that is done in a way that solicits a response from the customer. Direct marketing, on the other hand, has no intermediary broadcast media involved, and is geared towards potential customers. Direct response marketing encourages feedback from the customers. How they elicit feedback is going to be tackled in this article as we move on.

One of the most notable advantages of direct response marketing is that the results can easily be tracked and quantified within a set time frame. The most popular and effective direct response marketing strategy is creating infomercials. Now I’m sure you have seen George Foreman doing a presentation on TV about the merits of his Lean Mean Grille Machine. After the presentation, numbers suddenly appear at the bottom of your screen, including the “one time” promotion that allows you to buy the product at a much cheaper price. Thoughts suddenly rumble into your mind, you think the product is neat, but quite unsure whether to make the purchase considering your very tight budget. But then, it is a limited offer, and you suddenly feel that you’ve been living an unhealthy lifestyle by eating fatty foods every single day. You peruse the contact numbers at the bottom of the screen, then head for the phone as if your life depended on it to make the purchase.

Based on this example, one can clearly point out why the customer felt a surging need to purchase the product immediately. Direct Response Marketing is a “call to action,” an alert to the customers to purchase the product while supplies last, or while the offer still stands. That’s why it’s inherent for direct response marketing adverts to inject an offer so that the customers will have the urgency to make the purchase.

Aside from eliciting an immediate response from customers, the company can be able to track and measure the quantity of response, and the amount of sales earned through the infomercial. The data collected from this can be utilized to assess future marketing strategies, which are not limited to direct response marketing. It is equally vital to present enough information to the customer to assist them in deciding whether to contact the advertiser or not. Not enough adequate information can result to a significant decrease in respondents. Injecting several contact options such as telephone number, website, and email address sends the idea that the advert is legitimate, and that the point of contact is reliable.

Direct response marketing is of course, not limited to infomercials. A DRS campaign can also be done on the radio, newspapers, and mail order. They do not produce the same results as infomercials, but they are viable avenues to maximize the effect of direct response marketing.

One compelling characteristic of direct response marketing is that it’s media-neutral. Every type of organization, regardless of size and prestige, can use direct marketing in the process of promoting and advertising their products and services.

Marketing is also about generating a buzz among the buying public. DRS creates that sense of urgency that gets the job done, so if you want to take big leaps in the business, this is a strategy that you can use to your advantage.