Top of Mind Positioning by Using the Best Elements of Branding With Direct Response Marketing

In marketing, that’s what its all about right? Being the first one your customers think about. The local expert. The one to call. The best in the field.

So, how does that happen? Not by accident I’m pretty sure. It happens by getting your message in front of your prospects regularly and relentlessly. And I know you can’t afford to run a typical branding campaign like large cola companies or Nike, but you can use some aspects of BRANDING along with the best aspects of DIRECT RESPONSE to get more customers more consistently. Let’s look…

What are the best parts of a Branding campaign? Clearly, it MUST build “name recognition” with your prospects. It also must make your prospect “connect” with your company at an emotional level. It also must be very consistent – every time you change your message, you lose all your previous branding efforts.

But, you say “I can’t afford to do advertising for the sole purpose of branding!” I agree. So here’s what I suggest. Let’s use Direct Response marketing (which gets instant results) with these best aspects of Branding (which gets long term results.) Here we go…

Name Recognition

In branding, name recognition happens with repeated, consistent exposure to the brand. You can take advantage of this technique by first of all having a descriptive, yet catchy name or tag line for your company – and STOP changing it every season! This is important.

Now, in direct response marketing, you aren’t trying to put your name out there first, you are trying to get your MESSAGE out there first.

Your prospect can see your name later – if you have interested them enough to pay attention to the rest of your message. But be sure your name is on EVERY piece of marketing you make.

Make the appearance of your name and/or tag-line consistent in every piece of marketing. What I mean is that it should appear at the same point in every flyer, letter, postcard, coupon, paper ad, whatever.

If its always the last thing your prospect reads, then make sure its always the last thing your prospect reads. If its always black letters on a yellow background, then be sure it always stays that way. Consistency in appearance.


This is a natural benefit to carry over into direct response marketing. Every piece of marketing must connect with your prospect at an emotional level. When it does, you can make a “call to action” and it will be effective.

Typical branding campaigns don’t have a call to action – large cola companies spend vast amounts of money just so you automatically (and emotionally) say ‘coke’ instead of ‘soft drink.’ But you can’t afford to only connect, you need to use every piece of marketing to get a response.

So, still make every effort to connect on an emotional level, just be sure to follow up with a call to action.


One thing your prospects need is consistency from you. It may seem like endless, mind numbing repetition to you because you see ALL of your marketing. But your prospect only actually consciously sees about a quarter of your marketing – and that’s if you are consistently putting it in front of them. Be inconsistent and you’ll get even less recognition.

Your marketing needs to be consistent in other ways too. Like the format of your message. Do you always put an attention grabbing headline at the top of every flyer, postcard, letter, newspaper ad, etc.

Do you have a consistent method of reaching your prospects? If you run a newspaper ad, do you run it consistently? Constant repetition is key to success.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate the advantages of branding into your direct response marketing.

Newbie Real Estate Investor Strategy – Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers

As previously discussed, the best way to find leads and motivated sellers is to market. This as a real estate investment strategy, this method by far outperforms searching the Sunday paper, calling FSBO’s, Driving and looking for houses.

The reason for this is Marketing is working for you whether you are working or not. Think about this, when you are looking in the paper on Sunday, and you stop, is anyone else working for you? NO. But if you have an ad in the paper, and a few signs up, and a website on the internet, you have something working for you when you are sleeping, eating, at the movies, what ever.

The other reason we feel that marketing is so effective as a part of your real estate investor strategy, is you are getting people to call you! That means part of the work is already done. If they are calling you, then you already know that they are in need of your service. And you don’t have to work as hard trying to convince them of anything.

Now, there are two kinds of marketing out there. Direct response and indirect or brand advertising. Direct response advertising is designed to motivate a prospect to call you right away. Brand advertising is just like it sounds. It is marketing that is out there to build your brand.

As a new real estate investor, your goal is to focus on direct response advertising. Your real estate investor strategy is to market to get leads so you can do deals. When you have extra money, and you want to build your brand so you are the first person people think of when they need help, then it can be a great tool to use.

On average it takes 5-7 impressions before any connection is made to a prospect, so the key to successful marketing is consistency. Keep your message out there, everyday all the time, and the phone will ring!

Start Your Home Based Business With a Turnkey Marketing System

If greater than 97% of new marketers who start an online home based business spend far more money than they ever make and fail miserably within their first year in business why in your right mind would you want to start a home based business?

The answer is easy actually but we’ll get to that later on.

The reasons the majority do not see success when they start their online home based businesses are many and they all start with if:

• If you cannot generate traffic to your web page, you’re dead in the water.

• If you do manage to generate some traffic but your web page sucks, the traffic will not convert to leads.

• If you manage to generate a few leads, you still have to pick up the phone and call them. Most new markers sound so nervous and needy on the phone that they scare the heck out of their prospects before they have a chance to even introduce their incredible opportunity.

• If you do manage to luck out and make the odd sale but your product cannot stand on its own two feet, you’ll be toast before you know it.

• Finally, if you can’t generate business, you become increasingly desperate and deplete your savings account or worse rack up your credit card with a variety of opportunistic advertising methods and run out of money long before you make enough sales to get you started.

Welcome to the 97% club.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this any longer. Online marketing has progressed into the 21 century to the point where you can access turnkey marketing systems that virtually eliminate all the problems we’ve talked about above.

Using the right turnkey marketing system exponentially increase your chances of success by allowing you to build sales momentum making your business successful before you run out of money. This buys you the time to learn the complicated business of online sales and what will make you successful in the long term.

Just stop and think. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable starting a home based business if you could fall back on a marketing team and tangible products that will help you through the pitfalls of starting a new online business? The team can help you in:

• designing web pages that work

• generating traffic to that webpage and watch them convert into leads

• feeling great about the product your selling because it can stand of its own two feet with real value for the buyer

• most importantly, in not having to pick up the phone and call your prospects because someone with a wealth of experience will do that for you leaving you to educate yourself on what it takes to become successful as a savvy online marketer. This alone is an absolutely huge benefit to the new marketer.

The key is to do your homework and align yourself with industry leaders who will share the benefit of their experience and help you through the learning curves. If you’re new to online direct sales, why risk your future by setting out on your own when there are options available that give you a much greater chance of long-term success?

Keep in mind that you will have to pay a fee to join a system like this. It doesn’t happen for free. But while there will be a cost to having the majority of work done for you but benefits of using the correct turnkey system far out weigh the downside of the extra costs incurred. In other words you will actually have a much improved chance of making a fantastic income once you get up and running. It’s worth it.

Now, back to the question of why you would start your own online business in the first place? An online business in network marketing is a great choice for the budding entrepreneur because the start up costs are far lower than a regular bricks and mortar type of business. You do not have to pay huge franchise fees and with the right type of turnkey system in place you have the time to learn while you work.

Recognized financial giant Robert Kiyosaki has stated in a number of his books and presentations that the only way to accumulate true wealth is to either own a business or to invest wisely. Being an employee is sometimes a safe way to go through life but unless you take the time to invest your earnings (and few rarely do), you will never accumulate a healthy enough bank balance to live the life you want and pass on a legacy to your future generations. In addition, done correctly, operating a home based business can put you in an advantageous tax position allowing you to keep more of your income for yourself.

The opportunity offered by starting the right kind of online home based business with a turnkey marketing system combined with stand alone products is something that everyone should consider doing. The benefits are life changing and the lifestyle can be simply wonderful. I wish you the best of success.