Top of Mind Positioning by Using the Best Elements of Branding With Direct Response Marketing

In marketing, that’s what its all about right? Being the first one your customers think about. The local expert. The one to call. The best in the field.

So, how does that happen? Not by accident I’m pretty sure. It happens by getting your message in front of your prospects regularly and relentlessly. And I know you can’t afford to run a typical branding campaign like large cola companies or Nike, but you can use some aspects of BRANDING along with the best aspects of DIRECT RESPONSE to get more customers more consistently. Let’s look…

What are the best parts of a Branding campaign? Clearly, it MUST build “name recognition” with your prospects. It also must make your prospect “connect” with your company at an emotional level. It also must be very consistent – every time you change your message, you lose all your previous branding efforts.

But, you say “I can’t afford to do advertising for the sole purpose of branding!” I agree. So here’s what I suggest. Let’s use Direct Response marketing (which gets instant results) with these best aspects of Branding (which gets long term results.) Here we go…

Name Recognition

In branding, name recognition happens with repeated, consistent exposure to the brand. You can take advantage of this technique by first of all having a descriptive, yet catchy name or tag line for your company – and STOP changing it every season! This is important.

Now, in direct response marketing, you aren’t trying to put your name out there first, you are trying to get your MESSAGE out there first.

Your prospect can see your name later – if you have interested them enough to pay attention to the rest of your message. But be sure your name is on EVERY piece of marketing you make.

Make the appearance of your name and/or tag-line consistent in every piece of marketing. What I mean is that it should appear at the same point in every flyer, letter, postcard, coupon, paper ad, whatever.

If its always the last thing your prospect reads, then make sure its always the last thing your prospect reads. If its always black letters on a yellow background, then be sure it always stays that way. Consistency in appearance.


This is a natural benefit to carry over into direct response marketing. Every piece of marketing must connect with your prospect at an emotional level. When it does, you can make a “call to action” and it will be effective.

Typical branding campaigns don’t have a call to action – large cola companies spend vast amounts of money just so you automatically (and emotionally) say ‘coke’ instead of ‘soft drink.’ But you can’t afford to only connect, you need to use every piece of marketing to get a response.

So, still make every effort to connect on an emotional level, just be sure to follow up with a call to action.


One thing your prospects need is consistency from you. It may seem like endless, mind numbing repetition to you because you see ALL of your marketing. But your prospect only actually consciously sees about a quarter of your marketing – and that’s if you are consistently putting it in front of them. Be inconsistent and you’ll get even less recognition.

Your marketing needs to be consistent in other ways too. Like the format of your message. Do you always put an attention grabbing headline at the top of every flyer, postcard, letter, newspaper ad, etc.

Do you have a consistent method of reaching your prospects? If you run a newspaper ad, do you run it consistently? Constant repetition is key to success.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate the advantages of branding into your direct response marketing.

Internet Marketing Online Business Focus

And what will you be doing to succeed in your internet based business ? You will be drumming up business and planning strategies for making sales. Without sales, you will have no income so this is one area where your direct efforts affect the bottom line. The most important aspect of any business, whether online or not, is the effectiveness of your sales strategy.

Internet marketing is a little different than regular sales marketing in that you have the potential to reach a vast number of people quickly with your product or service. However, the competition is also very high and you will need to make sure you use sound business strategies for an online business to bring customers in and keep them.

The things you will be working on are:

Determining your business focus.

Locating your potential customers.

Actively soliciting sales for your website.

Networking with other businesses or forums to increase traffic.

Listing your online business with online directories.

Evaluating how well your SEO and social networking campaign are going.

Checking out your competitors for useful strategies.

Changing strategies that aren’t working and researching new ones.

Keeping track of financials and making sure you have good cash flow.

Expanding your offerings and growing your business.

Face it, you are now the CEO of your organization, however small or large it may be. It’s up to you to be the spokesperson, the sales force, and the auditor of your company’s progress. Whether your company succeeds or fails is directly related to your ability to juggle expenses and sales and to fulfill the demand without losing control of the business model.


Now, you might think that good sales have everything to do with price. Actually, most people do not make a decision to buy based on price unless you are in a market where the product is already well known and indistinguishable from vendor to vendor. When marketing a service or product that is unique or better than average, you should price it accordingly.


If you have too few sales, you obviously are not providing a service that customers find value in or your sales program is inadequate. You can modify the product or service or you can educate the customer. Discuss the benefits of your particular product or service.

If you are selling the product and not the benefits, they will not be able to distinguish it from a variety of other similar products on the Internet. You have to show why your product directly benefits the consumer more than other products online.


If you suddenly get singled out by a news agency for some remarkable product or service you are offering, it can also spell problems if you haven’t planned for that contingency. If you cannot fulfill all the orders that come to you or your site goes down because there are too many visitors, you will lose business and you will lose precious credibility. Without credibility on the Internet, you might as well be a person with a sandwich board standing on the corner of a busy intersection advertising a free car wash.

Nobody believes you and you make a fool of yourself. You should plan for the contingency of unexpected high demand.

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A Sample Marketing Plan For Your Offline Business

If you want to earn a lot of money, you need to focus more on your marketing plan. This is the absolutely the most important part of selling your products and services. The business plan that you created when starting your business is totally different than how the marketing plan that you create will be.

You see your business plan contains everything that an investor will want to know before they hand you out a loan for your business. But your actual marketing plan is something that you should be doing to carry out the plans that is in your business plan. Your marketing plan should include things like the cost of advertising, your cost per lead, and your cost per sale.

This is something that you will want to focus on if you want to stay in business for the long haul. Your marketing plan will need to be written out so that you can follow everything to the “T”. In fact, here’s a sample marketing plan that I would like to give to you:

Monday: Run a display ad
Tuesday: Make new connections at the chamber of commerce
Wednesday: Go online and find a forum and participate
Thursday: Run some joint venture campaigns
Friday: Start running PPC campaigns
Saturday: Create a backend offer to your past customers
Sunday: Write an article and submit it to the article directories
Monday: Repeat the process

This simple marketing plan will get you on the road to success. Feel free to modify this plan if you think it can be improved, or simply just try it out the way that it is written above. This will definitely get you on the right step towards marketing your products and services.

If you want to see more sales from your business, then follow the tips above. This simple marketing plan will help you to get more done within your day, all while spending a lot of time on the golf course on a daily basis. You need to set up your business so that it can be put on autopilot, and you can run these ads day after day after day.

Since you’re more than likely operating as a one-man unit, you shouldn’t take a long time to put these techniques into use. You only have so much time in a day to perform the laborious tasks listed above – but it’s something that you should consider using in your business.

Hopefully you will use these tips to have the kind of success that you definitely want in your business. The more you look at your marketing strategy, the more you’ll be able to see and change what’s working, and what isn’t working.

Using all of these techniques will help you to boost your sales and profits in a hurry. I think there are still ways that you can use to boost your overall sales and profits using the techniques in this article – so don’t think that it couldn’t work for you.

Good luck with using these strategies to earn the amount of money that you could be making with your sales and profits.