The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing Tools

One Medium. One Result.

As the casino marketing authority for your property, you’ve got numerous tools at your fingertips to drive incremental revenue and visits. You have numerous ways to spread the gospel about your brand. You’ve utilized a barrage of techniques to broadcast last minute offers to your database to fill empty seats. You’ve dug deep and initiated one program short of infinity to gain new acquisitions. All these programs and you haven’t used the same medium to fulfill all these multiple needs.

I Spend Therefore I Am.

There is actual sanity and an in-depth process to your media buying savvy. You know, billboards are for branding, directions and reminders. Direct mail drives incremental visits, rewards player loyalty and is incredibly measurable. Radio spots strike a chord with your guests, “Oh yeah, that’s the Little River Band, I forgot how many great songs they had.” Email is the “go-to because everyone else is doing it, cost-effect way to measure and push” offers and sell those last minute unused inventory items. And you know. They all work. They all work in their quirky little ways. You’ve learned how to balance between your buys and not over saturate your spending in one area.

But, have you become so good at it that you’re now complacent? What if you were asked, “When was the last time one of your players carried your billboard into your competitor’s casino floor?” What? “How many of your players have their mail delivered to the casino down the street?” Ok, you’ve got me a little worried now. Well, what would happen if you could make this a reality? Think about that. Your players being able to receive all your offers, marketing communications and positioning your brand in front of them, whether they’re getting their hair done or pulling a slot at someone else’s casino. No, I’m not from the future.

Take a Stroll Outside of the Marketing Box.

Walk with me here and let’s chat. What’s the common denominator in all those hard-earned media buying and direct response marketing plans? Two things. The player must either be at home to receive their email, direct mail and perhaps hear a radio spot. Or, They must be traveling on a route you hope has one of your billboards while tuned into a radio station you selected at the exact moment your ad is playing. What are the chances of the latter happening? Slim. But, we all justify the spend don’t we? Yet, when it comes time to roll out a text messaging or mobile marketing campaign, so many CFOs, GMs and Marketing VPs will first ask, “How much incremental revenue and visits will be gained?”

If only they could see the actual beauty of a hand held billboard of one of your branding campaigns right under the roof of your competitor. Or the simplicity of receiving an offer while shopping for dog food and being able to redeem it at the casino on their way home within the hour. Or one of your VIPs answering a short survey from her phone and having her response calculated real-time and an offer sent back immediately tailored to her response. Or you knowing your competitor is giving away that cute little stuffed collector’s item between 4 and 6, and you just sent out a text stating between 3 and 7 tonight you’ll earn… Or knowing that 99% of all your texts are getting read, maybe not redeemed, but read. That’s the flexibility of mobile marketing.

RonCo Has Nothing on You.

It’s a branding campaign, it’s a measureable-segmented offer campaign, it’s a real time survey tool, it’s a send-to-my-friends look what they’re doing for me campaign. Wow, it almost sounds as good as a bottle and jar cutter or a pocket fisherman! Or as cutting edge as a Swiss Army Knife marketing tool!

Internet Marketing Online Business Focus

And what will you be doing to succeed in your internet based business ? You will be drumming up business and planning strategies for making sales. Without sales, you will have no income so this is one area where your direct efforts affect the bottom line. The most important aspect of any business, whether online or not, is the effectiveness of your sales strategy.

Internet marketing is a little different than regular sales marketing in that you have the potential to reach a vast number of people quickly with your product or service. However, the competition is also very high and you will need to make sure you use sound business strategies for an online business to bring customers in and keep them.

The things you will be working on are:

Determining your business focus.

Locating your potential customers.

Actively soliciting sales for your website.

Networking with other businesses or forums to increase traffic.

Listing your online business with online directories.

Evaluating how well your SEO and social networking campaign are going.

Checking out your competitors for useful strategies.

Changing strategies that aren’t working and researching new ones.

Keeping track of financials and making sure you have good cash flow.

Expanding your offerings and growing your business.

Face it, you are now the CEO of your organization, however small or large it may be. It’s up to you to be the spokesperson, the sales force, and the auditor of your company’s progress. Whether your company succeeds or fails is directly related to your ability to juggle expenses and sales and to fulfill the demand without losing control of the business model.


Now, you might think that good sales have everything to do with price. Actually, most people do not make a decision to buy based on price unless you are in a market where the product is already well known and indistinguishable from vendor to vendor. When marketing a service or product that is unique or better than average, you should price it accordingly.


If you have too few sales, you obviously are not providing a service that customers find value in or your sales program is inadequate. You can modify the product or service or you can educate the customer. Discuss the benefits of your particular product or service.

If you are selling the product and not the benefits, they will not be able to distinguish it from a variety of other similar products on the Internet. You have to show why your product directly benefits the consumer more than other products online.


If you suddenly get singled out by a news agency for some remarkable product or service you are offering, it can also spell problems if you haven’t planned for that contingency. If you cannot fulfill all the orders that come to you or your site goes down because there are too many visitors, you will lose business and you will lose precious credibility. Without credibility on the Internet, you might as well be a person with a sandwich board standing on the corner of a busy intersection advertising a free car wash.

Nobody believes you and you make a fool of yourself. You should plan for the contingency of unexpected high demand.

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Direct Mail Remains Unmatched for Real Estate Investing Lead Generation

Business Owners that sit back and watch emails fill with Real Estate leads are usually a result of direct mail. Direct Mail remains the #1 method of lead generation for our Real Estate Investment business. I can only tell you what has worked for businesses I have been a part of.

There are a some places on the web where you can sign up for some super-savvy direct mail campaigns, that combine the use of yellow personalized postcards, over-sized yellow postcards, yellow post-it notes, large handwritten-font yellow letters, etc. Their lists range from 60/90 Day Late, Pre-Foreclosure, Property Tax Delinquent, Bankruptcy Chapter 13, Free and Clear, Out of Area Owner, Expired Listings, Adjustable Rate Mortgages with Equity, Wholesale Properties, Multi-Family Properties with Equity, and much much more. Each piece of mail sent out to prospects is personalized by first and last name. Every investor who dabbles in direct mail knows the hassle of first buying a list, scraping the list, and then attempting to fulfill the order in an efficient manner. It isn’t likely that the goal of sending out 3000 mailers in a 3 to 5 day window will occur. Why not let someone find the list for you, scrape the list for you, and then mail the list for you. Absolutely EVERYTHING is “Done for You.” Find a site like this and I promise you will bring in over 100 leads per month through similar direct mail campaigns.

Understand that the time you spend doing all of the preparation to send out personalized post cards is actually losing your business money. The value here is in your time. Don’t waste your time because you NEVER get it back.